Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Odds and Ends

Well, I am almost finished with Project #2 in the beautiful handpainted Burly Spun.  Here's a little preview...

It's coming along nicely and really shows off the gorgeous colors of the yarn.  More on that in the next day or two, as I only have the sleeves left and should finish it up tonight at Knit Night!  I will have to block it more than likely, but I'm close.

And remember the fall tote I was working on...going through "my process"...well I finished it up last week, just before Thanksgiving.

The felted leaves were a fun addition to the bag, as well as the needle felted branches.  

I also needle felted an acorn to go with the leaves, but then that little voice inside my head said "too much!", so I quit while I was ahead.  I was rather proud of that little acorn though.  It was my first needle felted-from scratch idea and a bit trickier than I thought it would be.

Bad picture, sorry, but you get the idea.  ;)

And now I'm working on this:

Any guesses?  No, it's not socks.  Try again.  Ok, I'll give you a hint....in two weeks at our Charity Knit Night we are exchanging hand made ornaments and this is the beginning of mine.  Details to come!  In the meantime, wishing you a good evening and a great week! 


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