Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fill in the blank

You know you knit too much when.... the airport, preparing to board your flight, you realize you accidentally packed your knitting in your suitcase and checked it, and find yourself really seriously wondering whether you can go on this trip.

                                             -Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

You know you knit too much when... look forward to going on a business trip because you secretly consider it a knitting will be able to knit on the way there, while you are there, and on the way home. 

                                            -Donna Thompson

Now it's your turn!  Fill in the blank.

You know you knit (crochet, spin, weave, sew etc...) too much when ___________________________________.

Oh, and I DID recently go on a business trip (Marketing/Tourism Conference) and have so much to share with you.  I DID knit almost the entire time and I will be writing about that next, so stay tuned!

I am making progress on my Lacy Ribbed Top...oh where's my camera when I need it?  Be back soon!



  1. You know you crochet too much when your 2 year old understands the phrase "just let me finish this row" and knows the look you get on your face when you are counting stitches.

  2. Yes Mel, they catch on early! lol:)