Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Socks, Stockings, or Something Else?

Wow! Check out the Prada 2010 Fall Collection:

Talk about hardcore knitters...the socks and stockings are all hand knit and almost every model on the runway has them on! Now, I am not saying that this is necessarily the fashion statement I want to make, but come on people...I look at them as amazing pieces of art! The time and talent it takes (and did I mention patience and tenacity) to hand knit these socks is inspiring to me.

Love them or hate them, you have to appreciate the workmanship, right,?  It is also noteworthy that for quite a few years now, handknits have been making it to the fashion runways on a regular basis. I love that. Again, not so much because I am a huge fan of runway fashion...believe me, I am NOT a clothes horse...but it somehow elevates knitting to a level that I rather like.

From Tom and Lorenzo's Blog: 
The designer dreamed up a whole new type of sock, a knitted knee sock with a ribbon in grosgrain or chiffon sewn down the shin, which is sure to spark a hot new trend.

“Naked legs are passé,” pronounced Prada, as she sipped a whiskey sour, with a cherry on top, after the show."

Now that makes me smile!  Knit socks everyone!  We don't want to be passe, now do we? :)  C'mon Esther!  You know you want to make some! ;)

Ok, and while we're on the's a few others to take a look at...

I know these would make me happy just knowing they were on underneath my clothes! ;) 


  1. Oh, my goodness Donna, you have to tell me where to find the pattern for that last stocking! I'm no fashion model, I can't even fake 'trendy', but I ADORE socks. Especially thigh high.

  2. Me too Mel! Aren't those awesome? Here's the link...
    White Lie Designs by Joan McGowan Michael...she's all about flirty, curvy, feminine patterns for all shapes and sizes. Thigh highs are a definite undertaking to make though! Maybe you could figure out a crochet pattern for them? (What am I saying maybe for? lol:) You are a fabulous designer! Of course you can! ;)
    Let me know if you come up with something!