Thursday, April 1, 2010

Quackmere Classic...aka..Just call me quacked

Happy April Fools Day...and in case you were wondering, I have been fooled today, yes.  Usually it's my husband who gets me, and gets me good.

This time it was a co-worker.

Shortly after I came into work this morning Amy hands me a copy of this article from Knitter's Review.  I quickly glanced at it and said, "wow, duck yarn, what will they think of next," and then laid it back down on the counter.

It wasn't until I had an audience about an hour later that the real joke came out.  We were sitting around the big table in the store and I was "sharing" this information with my friend Melissa, her daughter Sadie, her mother Nancy, and my boss, Peggy.  I was reading it out loud to them and putting emphasis on the really shocking parts like the fact that a 25 yd. skein of duck yarn was going to be priced at $193.00!  They listened intently and I just kept reading.

*Pause* and a big sigh for my disclaimer:
The idea of yarn being made from duck feathers really didn't seem that out of whack because look at all of the things they make yarn out of these days...corn, bamboo, seaweed, even opossum for heaven sake!  Duck was just piquing my interest.  How did they do this?  Isn't that amazing and strange...who would buy it?...and on and on. 

I was so caught up in this conversation we were having that I am not sure exactly when it happened, but everyone else was slowly catching on, (or at least thinking something sounded a little off), and I just kept going.  Even when I got to the part about the different types of yarn blends at the end of the article, and the names that would go on the yarn labels in particular, well, that STILL didn't seem to strike me as a little strange:  Wack (wool/duck), Squack (silk/duck), Yack (yak/duck), Quiquack (qiviut/duck)...

UNTIL:  Aflack (acrylic, falcon, lemur, and duck).  And the look came over my face that I am sure would have been one of those priceless picture moments if someone had a camera...omg!  This whole thing is a very clever April Fool's joke and I have just been taken for a very good ride!  lol:)   By this time the ladies are seriously laughing out loud and all I could do, of course, was join in.

And the thing that really got me was that I had been taking every precaution to keep my husband from catching me off guard this year.  I told Phil this morning not to bother calling me because I wouldn't be taking his calls.  And don't even think about showing up at my work, I told him.  (You need to understand that he has REALLY pulled some elaborate April Fool's jokes on me in the past.  I was just trying to protect myself from further trauma.)

It never occurred to me that someone else would get me!  The worst part of all is there are still several hours left in the day and I have to go home.  Phil's home.  Wish me luck. 

Next year I am not even going to get out of bed.


  1. That's awesome, Donna! Usually my husband gets the best of me, but this year he's too busy to trick me. :) Last year I totally fell for the Google prank that they were going to start having predictive emails that would respond to people in your email account using a set of responses based on your prior messages with them. They worded in a way that somehow seemed realistic, and I was so befuddled that they would do such a thing that I blogged about it! (Only to find out later that the joke was on me.) Sheesh!

  2. lol:) That's funny, Marie! Guess we all get caught off guard some times! It just seems like it happens to me A LOT!

  3. That has to be the best I've heard yet!! lol... are you sure Phil wasn't in on it?

  4. No, actually Phil had the best April Fool's Day just watching me squirm, wondering when he was going to get me, and he didn't have to do a thing! lol:)

  5. Last year Knitter's REview had an April fools' article about a chemist who figured out a way to use her cat's litter box contents to spin yarn. Ew.

  6. lol:) Sara...I think I actually remember that! I have been reading Knitter's Review for a long time. You'd think I would have figured it out! ;)

  7. That is priceless!!! LOL I'd have fallen for it too. I know nothing about yarn...

  8. That's just the funniest April Fools I've heard of in a long time! I'm positive I would have fallen into it as well :)