Monday, June 20, 2011

My Words...Your Story

In an interview I recently watched, Maya Angelou said, "Words are things."

She was speaking of the power of words to hurt, help, inspire, heal, soothe, aggravate, incite, disrespect, and liberate ourselves and others.  Words are not just something spoken and floating around in the air. 

They take hold in your head and your heart.  They become a part of us. 

They are powerful indeed.

Encouraging words to another can move them towards a path of self-confidence and contribute to their self-worth.  Critical words spoken even just one time can leave a scar that lasts a lifetime.

I've given much thought to Ms. Angelou's statement of late.  I've given much thought to this blog as a vehicle or a platform for my words.

I simply am not able to sit down every single day and put down words here that don't come from the deepest part of me in some way.  It takes time for a post to build in my mind.   But, when it finally comes to me, it 's like a compulsion until I get it all typed out.

What a strange thing blogs really are to me.

The longer I continue to publish one as a means of sharing my life, my work, and my creative endeavors, the more I realize I am simply putting out my personal diary for the entire world to read (that seems to be MY writing style).  When I think of it that way, it leaves me feeling very vulnerable, but that's a good thing.  Years ago I could have never imagined sharing my journals with whomever chose to read them.

Times have most definitely changed, for me and for the world.

It seems everyone has words to share and the means to do so these days.  I read blogs, newsletters, and articles online everyday.  The internet is an amazing thing.  I am always struck by the amount of content out there that is not so much informative or educational as it is negative and even hateful.

Purposeful hate?  Yes, it's out there.  Freedom of speech?  Absolutely.  I believe in it with everything that's in me and therefore cannot do anything but make my observations, but I don't have to read it.

I don't have to let those words into my head and heart. 

I have the same opportunity here as anyone else.  What I do with it is entirely up to me.

My intention, or what my intention has evolved to in writing this blog, is putting out words that are constructive, not destructive.

If I am telling you something about myself, my family, my knitting, I am ultimately hoping  that my words will be a reflection of something in YOUR story, so that we might find a common ground and learn from each other.  Isn't that why we share information in the first place?

A knitter's journey is about more than knitting, just like a mother's journey is about more than her children, an accomplished athlete is about more than her sport, a beauty queen is about more than the pageant, and a doctor is about more than the patients she sees.

Each person has their story.  The words they choose to tell that story are up to them.

My words, your story.  Is there a connection?  I certainly hope so.  Otherwise I'm quite sure I would have no reason to write.

Choose your words carefully, to YOURSELF first, and then to others.  Words are things.  They are powerful indeed.

Knit on,


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