Friday, April 1, 2011

Drive-by Postings

I began blogging in November of 2009 and my first post was about the Scotts Bluff Valley Fiber Arts Fair.  It has been interesting to go back over the archives (found in the right-hand column about half way down) and to see how my personal 'style' of writing and posting has developed.  (and is still evolving, of course...I really have many things to work on!) 

No doubt I like to write.  No doubt I love to knit.  No doubt I have a few things to say!  And no doubt my style is to try and tell a story.  That is the kind of writing I love to read, and so it's not surprising I choose to write in the same manner.

I have potential blog posts running through my brain day in and day out.  Thoughts and ideas hit me when I am driving, eating, laying in bed at night, showering, and of course, knitting!  I compose things over and over in my mind until I believe I have something worth writing down.  And then I can't get to my laptop fast enough to get those phrases out of my head and saved on the computer before I completely lose them.

In fact, one of the reasons I have only been posting once a month on average is because I do work at those posts, tweaking, adding, editing, for a few weeks.  It's time consuming and a labor of love.  Every time I click the button "Publish Post", I get a little thrill and also a pang in my stomach. 

It's the combination of the excitement and the vulnerability of putting my thoughts out there for everyone to read and critique that keeps me coming back for more.  

Recently I realized that not all of my ideas are based on a detailed adventure or profound epiphany though. 

A little snippet of information, an interesting thought or quote, something beautiful, something inspiring, something silly, a quick tip or technique that just might make your life easier, a noteworthy piece of news...

Knitting related or otherwise... these are all things I would term perfect for a drive-by posting!  Drive-by posting? Yep!  Just a little something I want to drop in your lap and then run away and leave you to it.

Last June I shared this post with you about art and knitting.  As I look back over those pictures I am reminded of the amazingly diverse world of fiber art and I fall in love with it all over again.  

And this morning  I came across an article that reminded me of of that topic. 

Masterpieces reimagined.  How lovely.  How inspiring. 

Take a look.  It's worth it! 

A happy Friday to all!  Get out there and get your hands busy.  There is a whole world of creativity just calling your name!   

Knit on,


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