Saturday, April 16, 2011

'Growing' a Garden

From left to right:  Esther Warren, Cyndi Johnson, Debbie Sulzbach, Jan Johnson, Lori Karpen, Karrie Gillam
The Knitted Flowers and Embellishments Workshop was a ton of fun yesterday!  Sadly I waited until the last few minutes of class before I started snapping pictures, but there are a few to share.   

I loved Cyndi's laugh (on the right) and Lori's expression (on the left) in this one!

Esther Warren's embroidered flower on a stockinette background.  So cute!

Lori Karpen's purple flower with the orange center is awesome.  She added her own flair to the pattern by crocheting a border around the petals. Karrie Gillam did a great job with the chain stitch and lazy daisy stitch!

Cyndi Johnson and Debbie Sulzbach concentrating!

Lacy Leaves pattern that can be made in different sizes and with or without an i-cord stem

Pretty little 5-petal flower.  We all agreed that the rolled edges give it character and make it seem more like a real flower.

Felted and un-felted version of the basic stockinette stitch flower.

3-petal flower made from variegated ribbon yarn.

Makes a cute coaster, don't you think?  This was just a class sample I knit, but will write it up and include the very simple pattern with my next post.

The 'Petite Flower' pattern on the left makes a great bookmark and I love the button center on this garter stitch bloom.  Wouldn't that be cute pinned on the side of a hat?

And of course I had to have some real flowers on the table for a little inspiration.

 I have such spring fever and this class was just what we all needed, I think, to inspire a little gardening of a different kind. 

Knit on,


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  1. That looks like so much fun and I love the Petite Flower bookmark, gorgeous.